How To Set Up Tenda A30 In Repeater Mode?

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Can someone guide me in setting up my tenda A30 Range Extender in repeater mode? First of all, I have a Globe tattoo wifi/modem which has the wifi turned off so it serves as a modem only. I have a tenda router which is connected to the modem via cable which gives decent signal on the 2nd floor of my house. But my problem is I want to set up a router on the first floor which will act as a repeater because I only get 1-2 bars of signal from the original router on the 2nd floor. I followed the instructions on the manual but when all the signals have been merged into one including the repeater’s signal, I get excellent signal but it has no internet connection. I think that it must be due to some mistakes in DNS or IP address but I dont know how to fix it. Here are the details on the setup of my original router and the repeater.
Dynamic IP (via DHCP)
WPS settings (disabled)
WDS Mode (Lazy Mode)
SSID (Aztech)
Security Mode (WPA-Personal,AES,Same password)
Network Mode (11b mode)
Channel (Channel 1)
IP Address (
DHCP Server (Enabled)
Working Mode (Network Bridge (WDS))
Network Mode (11b mode)
SSID (Aztech)
Channel (Channel 1)
AP MAC address (Router’s address)
Security Mode (WPA-PSK,AES,Same password)
Address mode (Dynamic IP)
IP address (
Gateway (192.168.01)
Can someone help me?

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