Cool Names For A Tattoo/piercing Parlor?

August 9, 2012 by  
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I aspire to be a body piercer/ tattoo artist, and I want to think of a creative name for a parlor because I plan to own my own business a long time down the road.
I want cool names that have a certain air of fantasy or mythical creatures in the name. Maybe have something that includes “Dragon” “Unicorn” “Zombie” or “Goddess”. Like, I know a place called “Atomic Zombie” and I like how it sounds. I want this place to be magical and seem just, mysterious I guess. Any good ideas?? Thank you!!

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4 Responses to “Cool Names For A Tattoo/piercing Parlor?”
  1. Hey says:

    Sorry not good at this Toxic Zombie Vintage Rockstars Piercings Purple Dino Piercings

  2. Gloriann says:

    Bloody God, wannabe zombie, idk thats hard lol

  3. Brandi says:

    The Ink Dragon Goddess Art Phoenix Designs The Mystery Shop

  4. Tay Tay says:

    Skin Art Goddess ???