Do Finger Tattoos Hurt?? ?

June 30, 2012 by  
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I want to get my boyfriend’s initials tattooed on my pinky “WJW”. How bad will it hurt?? Rate on a scale from 1-10. Please & Thank you (:

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9 Responses to “Do Finger Tattoos Hurt?? ?”
  1. lord_dem says:

    Don’t get anyone’s name/initials tattooed on you until you’re married. Imagine if you two broke up! You’d have that on your finger forever. Also, finger tattoos hurt more than most places because that’s the tactile sensor of your body.

  2. Dan says:

    Well this will hurt your chances of getting a job, and since it is a boyfriend’s initials this is a extremely terrible idea. All tattoos hurt, depends on the person.

  3. Skam says:

    it’s impossible to get a tattoo using your fingers but they do have this thing it’s like a sewing needle that pokes you. it would hurt using your fingers to poke you but can’t hurt to try oh wait yes it will hurt

  4. Tsk. says:

    Seriously don’t get anyones name tattooed on you unless it’s your children’s name.

  5. Jessica says:

    Rule of thumb with tattoos: don’t get someone’s name unless its your child or you’ve been with that person FOREVER. My bosses have each others name tattooed, but they have been together for the last 12 years or so. Jerrett got Holly’s name first and then Holly got Jerrett’s name tattooed. I work at a tattoo shop I just got my inner middle finger tattooed and for me it didn’t hurt, all i felt was painless pokes. It really all depends on your pain tolerance.

  6. Maggie says:

    Oh god, why? Please don’t get your boyfriend’s initials tattooed on you. PLEASE. How old are you?!

  7. Leila says:


  8. Paul McCartney Fan says:

    dont get anyones name or initials tattooed on your body unless its your family member even though he’s your husband emagine you broke up you would have that name forever. You can remove it but it would hurt sooooo much it would feel like you are going through hell

  9. TattySna says:

    This is a bad idea for a few reasons. 1: When you call someone your “boyfriend”, it’s a sign that you haven’t been together long enough to warrant a tattoo for them. Once it’s “partner” or “husband”, which usually takes quite a few years, then MAYBE get one. But even then, it’s not entirely wise. In the event of a break up, you’re stuck with his initials on you, a reminder of something that should be left in the past. 2: No DECENT tattoo artist will tattoo three initials on a finger. It’s a small space, and for a tattoo to look as good as possible for as long as possible, they actually need to be a certain size, otherwise when they bleed out over time (all tattoos do this, even the ones done by phenomenal artists) you’re left with a blob… Which defeats the purpose of getting the tattoo done. Three letters is too much for one finger. I don’t mean to burst your bubble and undermine your relationship. I’ve just seen a lot of people rush into getting a tattoo and regretting it. Personally, I have the letter K tattooed on both my ring fingers – on the front, in that bit between the knuckle where hand and finger meet, and the next knuckle. The K’s represent my husband and I (both our names start with K). We’ve been together nearly 11 years, and had a strong friendship before we got all loved up. We have a five year old son, and I’m currently pregnant. We both got the two K’s this year, around the time of our son’s birthday. Will we last forever? Who knows. But because he has been a constant positive in my life for more than half of it (and vice-versa) we decided to get tattoos for one another. Not names. Just our first initials. Not even our son’s name is tattooed anywhere on either of us. It’s a big deal that we both broke our rule of no initials or names. So have a really long think about it. Don’t forget that, while it’s illegal to fire someone for having tattoos, or not give them a job if they are sufficiently qualified – it will impact on your job prospects if you are up against people with similar qualifications who don’t have visible tattoos. Tattoos on hands are pretty difficult to cover. As for pain… For me, it was about a 4/10. My husband, and a lot of other people I know have said it hurts like all hell, which isn’t surprising, given that the nerve endings are much closer to the surface on your hands so that they can do everything they need to. But, I have endured far worse than the discomfort of tattoos, so my pain tolerance is pretty high. So you cannot really get an accurate pain rating, as everyone deals with pain differently. Where my feet and ribs didn’t really hurt getting tattooed, most people say they are AGONY. The tattoo that hurt me most was down the side of my lower leg… Which is apparently odd.