Is It Illegal To Get Disney Tattoos?

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I learned in art school that Disney is pretty harsh when it comes to prosecuting people the use their copyrighted work. It’s a long story, but Disney movies have always been a huge part of my early childhood – I used them to cope with a lot of experiences that I went through. Much like a drug would numb pain. And I want a full sleeve of characters that I always had compared with myself, or felt like. But I was unsure if it’s even legal for me, and/or the artist do go through with it. Would many even be interested since it IS so heavily copyrighted? And answers are valuable.

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4 Responses to “Is It Illegal To Get Disney Tattoos?”
  1. kaitlynn says:

    It is completely legal to get Disney characters tattooed on your body. I mean what are they gonna do? Say uh…you can’t do that afterward? But yeah. It’s legal

  2. Sujatha says:

    huh hahahahahahahahahahaha :D

  3. AnGeLiC dIsGrAcE says:

    Well, you aren’t reproducing your tattooed skin and selling it to the masses are you? Disney wouldn’t waste there time sueing someone over such a small incident. That would be like prosecuting a elementary school kid for drawing pooh bear pictures.

  4. MoonShar says:

    People get cartoon/film characters tattooed all the time, as well as all kinds of band/corporate logos. A tattoo isn’t infringing on copyright cos no one is profiting from the use of the image. The artist is basically being paid for his/her time/effort/supplies used. Also it can be looked at as free publicity for Disney. I’ve seen many cool tats of ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ characters, for example.

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